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I’m a voice artist an actor and a television host/presenter. You send me your story – whether it is a radio ad, an eLearning module, a documentary or an explainer video – I record it and return the edited audio file. It’s a quick turn-around. But that reduces STORY to a recording studio. It’s more of a multiverse. Whether it’s part of the desert landscape at the Tankwa Artscape residence for land artists; a conference of indigenous medicinal healers or the worlds of stories that fizz with histories and places in each of us. So I am also engaged with podcast, and especially where they relate to stories rooted in a creative impulse: Why did the artist create a woven wattle pod on an inaccessible framework in a wide open desert landscape and name it “Capsule”? What made the young rescuer so convinced he’d survive beyond the depth limit on his most memorable sea rescue off St Helena Island? What was the salvation for the man who defied a certain death inside the coma? What makes them want to tell the story? Stories offer a vital force in our lives. The ‘explainer’ video narration or the radio ad is just as much a story as any of those. They have an audience which needs to be engaged. You can ask AI to read your text, but those ears are human! We’re all ‘wired’ for story. You just need to attach them somewhere!

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I am a member of the Tankwa Artscape Residency.  Interviews and audio recordings of these and other artists can be found here. Tankwa Artscape This video was created with the two visual artists, Colin Campbell and Hanien Conradie.  IMG_1993
Back issues of   ‘Just Saying’:  Click here for the Soundcloud page
Author of ‘Red Car Diaries’, published by Struik.