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Landmark (2021)

Ashley Dowds, Fatima Holliday, Luvuyo Nibe, Ebrahim Davids

Ideas about identity and culture are fused with the landscape, traditions, sacred spaces and deep knowledge of place. We explore stories that express what it is to find a personal and a cultural sense of belonging in a way that connects us to the natural world and to each other. Our Landmarks are often not what you think they are.

The Daily Actor podcast
The Daily Actor


The Daily Actor podcast (Video On Instagram)

WHAT do actors DO daily to keep sharp and keep buoyant- ESPECIALLY now? I’ve wanted to ask that of so many actors I know but was too afraid to ask – kind of thing. The Daily Actor is a podcast about keeping sharp – emotionally, physically, and with regards to daily practice. Is that what we all do? I don’t know. What I do know is that some people seem to have a clearer idea about a routine that works. Whatever routine actually means.

The Daily Actor (Audio version)

The audio version of THE DAILY ACTOR – edited

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The show has an adventurous flavour. It stays close to the spirit of genuine travel and people – a mainstay of the Western Cape. I am a storyteller and when a story cuts to the cwicu, I am ready for the possibility of shaping the tale to an engaging and immersive experience for the listener that will resonate with them. When one of the organisers of a national poetry festival in the semi-desert village of McGregor contracted Gilliam Barre Disease, for example, and survived the ordeal after a protracted coma, I knew there would be rich material that would touch many lives. (I’d often wondered what my mother’s experience had been when she was inside a coma before her death). After the interview, my own doctor suggested a visit to a patient who had the same experience. ‘On The Brink’ became a layered story that moved in and out of the rabbit hole of the coma and the experience of those who were on the periphery.