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FAQ's a nutshell

Can you edit the audio too ?

Yes, I offer a BASIC service with the voice over recording. Basic means: taking out breaths, cleaning up retakes and pauses; adding EQ if necessary, Normalising to -2db – and then of course formatting to spec.

What does a VO cost ?

That depends on a few factors: DURATION, PLATFORM (internal websites do not carry any usage fee, but public TV does). To make it easy, I have a rule of thumb costing. Generally I do LONG FORMAT. It is a standard R3000 for the first 5 mins; R800 for every 5 mins after that. For other inquiries, get in touch.


Can I Come in and record at your studio?

No, this is a private studio that I use at home. At all hours of the day or night!

Can you book a Zulu voice for me ?

I can, but that isn’t my focus. I am a member of the South African Voice Over Association, which is a network of connected artists – and many languages! If you need translation and voice in another language, ask me and I’ll try to line one up.


Will you re-read the script because the client forgot to add some detail?

Sure! But that’s another recording fee. It ISN’T another recording fee if the script stays more or less the same, and client needs another slight shift in the tone.

Can you record live (with direction from another studio) ?

I prefer to work to a brief – in a quick turn around time – submit the audio file and happy to adjust according to direction. But yes, live recording to real-time direction is possible, either with Skype, Zoom or Source Connect Elements



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